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How to attract potential employers on LinkedIn

Thu, 05/24/2018 - 08:07
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A LinkedIn profile can be a pretty handy addition to your life. With around 500 million members, chances are the companies and employers you want to attract are out there somewhere.

That also means there are close to 500 million potential competitors also vying for their attention, so you need to play smart by giving off all the right signals. Here are some useful steps for snaring your top target:

1. It's all in the headline

Route one to any potential employer's heart is through your headline. Many recruiters use keywords to search for potential hires, so including the right ones in your title will often determine whether or not you show up in their rankings.

2. More is always more

The more skills and endorsements, the more examples of your work and the more information you include about yourself, the better chance you will have of appearing in someone's search. The profile strength indicator just below the top card information on your profile is a good gauge of how much work is left to do.

3. Pick your friends

Recommendations are hard to come by and they are one of the things people immediately look for on any profile. A sudden spate of new endorsements looks like you've drafted in a few friends for a favour; what you really want are recommendations from high-ranking professionals, ideally spread out over a longer period.

4. Put yourself about

While your aim is not to dominate everybody's social media feeds, there's no harm in raising your visibility. Commenting on posts and contributing plenty of your own will keep you in the mind's eye of employers you've already connected with. Many recruiters also scope out industry groups and discussions for hidden gems.

5. Stalk your prey

With most companies now established on LinkedIn, it's just a question of slowly infiltrating their ranks. Start by following your dream employer: you'll begin receiving their updates, which you can set about peppering with informed, insightful comments. Then expand your network with the right people by connecting with employees past and present.

While there are more conventional ways of bagging your dream job, LinkedIn can be a surprisingly effective enhancement to your job search. Whether or not social media is your thing, a little tweaking here and there could prove a sound investment.

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