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Optimising your LinkedIn profile for recruiters

Thu, 06/14/2018 - 14:54
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Job hunting on LinkedIn can happen in more ways than one. While you might use the site to actively look for jobs and make new valuable connections, opportunities might also come to you through recruiters approaching your directly for a role.

That is, if they can find you. Just because you have a profile on LinkedIn doesn't necessarily mean that you are coming up in recruiters' searches. Without knowing it, you might therefore be missing out on opportunities that aren't advertised or you simply missed in your search.

Luckily, there are two things you can do to ensure you are being found:

1. Include key words on your profile
When recruiters look for candidates on LinkedIn they use certain key words to conduct their search. These may include job titles and industries, but also relevant skills and personal attributes.

Incorporating these key words in your profile will increase your chances of standing out in a recruiter's search. Here are some tips for doing this:

•Check job descriptions to learn more about what employers are after and the type of language they are using.
•Incorporate the same words and phrases where you can – most likely the recruiter will be using them in their search.
•Focus on your LinkedIn summary, as this is where you highlight your core skills and personal strengths, and also identify your ambitions and goals and the industry and types of roles you are looking for.
•Make sure that all the other sections on your profile have been filled in and are carefully worded.
•Add relevant work experience and highlight the various tasks, projects, achievements and skills related to the different roles.
•Do the same for any volunteering experience and always make sure your Skills & Endorsement section is up-to-date.
•Recruiters may also be looking for certain language skills or certifications so make sure you don't skip the Accomplishments section.

And finally - ensure your LinkedIn profile has no spelling errors, and your profile picture is clear and professional in nature.
2. Let recruiters know you're 'open'
Another thing to be aware of is that LinkedIn allows you to increase your visibility by indicating whether or not you are open to being approached about opportunities. A section on your profile called 'Your Dashboard' – which only you can see – links to the 'career interests' page, where you can switch this functionality on and off. When switched on, your profile will be flagged to recruiters as 'open to new opportunities'.

You can filter the approaches you receive from recruiters by filling in preferred job titles, location and job types – full-time, part-time etc. You can also identify specific industries and your preferred company size and start date.

Whether you are actively looking for a new role or tentatively keeping an eye open for that one dream job, optimising your LinkedIn profile will significantly help elevate the chances of exciting opportunities reaching you. So make sure you keep revisiting your page, reviewing the existing content and adding new skills and experience for optimal results.

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Image source: Abintegro


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