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Streaming into the future in four parts

Tue, 09/24/2019 - 08:23
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In recent years have seen a large transformation in how media is produced and consumed: the rise of podcasts, move to on-demand TV, streaming directly from the internet… Geoffrey Makstutis, Subject Lead in Creative Media Production at Pearson, looked at the way that streaming media is transforming the industry in a four-part blog series.

Take a stroll through the times and discover what has changed in the creative media industry over the years...


In a relatively short period of time the media industry has gone through a fundamental change. While the transition from physical to digital is still ongoing, the industry has clearly moved beyond the ‘tipping point’ and everything is heading towards digital. 

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Around the world, radio still commands about 80% of the audio market. In some countries, it is well into the mid-90% range. The low cost of consumer radio technology has meant that it remains one of the most widespread broadcast media formats in the world. 

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Film and television

Traditional film and television companies face the challenge of developing content that is best suited to the cinema and terrestrial television, or joining the streaming market. The shift to digital on-demand film and television content is already changing the industry - creating both new alliances, new power centers and, at the same time, opening new opportunities for artists.

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In the early days of personal computing we had to load our games from a cassette tape. A large game could take over an hour to load! With the rise of computer-game distribution services you simply download the games to your computer and your licensing data is stored with the service. 

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Geoffrey is a qualified architect, who has worked in the US and UK on projects in the US, UK and Asia. He has been involved in teaching, leadership and management of higher education for more than 20 years; and was the Course Director for undergraduate architecture at University of the Arts London from 2004-2016. He has taught and lectured in the UK, Canada, Brazil, Hong Kong, Spain, and South Africa. He is the author of ‘The Design Process in Architecture’ (2018) and ‘Architecture: An Introduction’ (2010) as well as numerous articles for magazines and journals. 

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