Online Behaviour Policy

HN Global is a secure and friendly environment which promotes learning.
Please help keep this website a positive and constructive experience, by following these online behaviour rules:

Be Friendly

  • HN Global is a professional network of students and tutors. Keep it friendly and treat everyone with respect. 
  • Respect the opinions of others and their privacy.
  • Don’t express discriminatory or otherwise offensive views.
  • Don’t insult or patronise people.

Keep it safe

  • This site is available worldwide, where different cultures and genders are present. Please make sure to keep your posts suitable for everyone.
  • Don’t use sms texting style, it makes conversations confusing. 
  • Don’t post or link to adult content. This includes text, pictures or videos that are sexually explicit, insulting or violent.

Stay on topic

  • Conversations flow better when keeping posts relevant to the original thread.
  • You can ‘bump’ a thread, but please wait a few hours rather than doing it straight away.
  • Don’t revive ancient threads by posting in them. You’ll get a better response by posting in new threads.
  • Do not spam! Please don’t post the same thing several times, either within a single or multiple threads.

No advertising

  • If you want to share you blog or site, remember to keep it in the right topic.
  • Don’t post links purely for the purpose of promoting products or services.
  • Don’t campaign for votes, petition signatures or similar.

Keep it legal

  • Please make sure your posts are within UK law.
  • Avoid topics which includes information about terrorist groups, falsification, banned substances and copyright infringements.